Hello, Final Year!

Hello beautiful people of WordPress! My Law exams are finally done and dusted! Final year, here I come. Ironically, I am not so excited about it. While I love to make jokes about being a final-year student, the real me that y'all get to see here is mostly indifferent. I'm not really sure why, but … Continue reading Hello, Final Year!


There's this thing I used to watch on Nickelodeon, when Toys R Us, one of the biggest toy stores in South Africa have this contest and the winners would be given a cart filling it whatever they want from the toy store in sixty seconds. Gosh, you need to see the way the kids scramble … Continue reading Y.O.L.O

Don’t lose your joy!

Over 2000 years ago, angels brought good news to the world. God himself, was coming in flesh to the earth. All of divinity was being fused with humanity. The saviour of the world was coming. What unspeakable joy! The shepherds were filled with gladness as they worshiped the Lord. Imagine the wonder and joy on … Continue reading Don’t lose your joy!

Are you saved?

Permit me to tell a little story: A long time ago, God created humans and everything else in the world. The first humans were Adam and Eve and God put them in charge of creation but they were deceived by Satan to disobey God and were punished consequently. As a result of their disobedience, sin … Continue reading Are you saved?

The green-eyed monster

Battling envy and jealousy I never actually thought of the difference between envy and jealousy. I felt there were merely synonyms, however, I was reading up on them and I find that they differ. According to the English Dictionary, envy is the resentful desire of something owned or possessed by another and is not restricted … Continue reading The green-eyed monster