When the questions rage

One of my favourite Biblical characters is the beggar that was born blind whom Jesus healed. There are so many things to be learnt from him. So, I invite you to walk me through his story in John 9. It was another sunny afternoon in Jerusalem. Judas and the other beggars were sitting on the … Continue reading When the questions rage

A picture of humility

Simeon pulled his shawl around himself tighter as he strode into the Temple. As he walked through the Temple courts, he was greeted by several people but he did not stop to chitchat. He had a look of utmost seriousness on his face, and everyone could tell he was going to pray as usual. Simeon … Continue reading A picture of humility

God will come through for his work

Zerubbabel stood still in the early morning air gazing steadily at the foundations of the Temple they had laid three weeks ago. The building was progressing and he was grateful to God for that. However, his heart was burdened and one could clearly see it in the way his lips were pressed into a firm … Continue reading God will come through for his work

Such a time as this

Esther’s Story “Thank you for the meal, Hannah!” Queen Esther told the maid who was clearing the table before her. She wiped her mouth delicately and started towards her rooms to make her plans for the day. The King still hadn’t summoned her for over a month and she tried not to feel too disappointed. … Continue reading Such a time as this