My First Real-life Experience in Lagos

I'm not a stranger to Nigeria's most sophisticated city, Lagos. Since I was two years old, I've been visiting. However, today I realised all I've ever done is merely visitation. I've never really experienced what real Lagos life is, that is until today. My sisters live in Lagos and when school is on holiday, I … Continue reading My First Real-life Experience in Lagos

The Challenge of Being Me

The other day, I went out with my friend to buy something. We were coming from church where we had just finished an electric service. If you know me well, you'd know those kinda services, where we get to worship and lean in to heaven as the Holy Spirit pours out himself, make me hyper … Continue reading The Challenge of Being Me

The Perfectionist In Me

There have always been subtle traits of perfectionism in me but I didn't consider them note-worthy. I simply saw them as the drive, motivation and discipline that help me achieve my goals. I could do stuff over and over for hours until I am sure it is perfect. Lol, you need to see me with … Continue reading The Perfectionist In Me

Can boys and girls be just friends?

I remember typing this question on Google a few months ago, desperately searching for answers. I read so many articles, books and even watched some YouTube videos in order to find an answer to this question. So many other young people like myself may at some point in their lives find themselves faced with this … Continue reading Can boys and girls be just friends?