A feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me The cold biting wind The foggy horizon The swirling dust The dry papery feel of skin Thick cardigans, gloves and socks Hot cups of tea and steaming baths Warm blankets and dancing lights I like harmattan It reminds me of home My Daddy's warm smiles And his insistence that … Continue reading Harmattan

The Perfectionist In Me

There have always been subtle traits of perfectionism in me but I didn't consider them note-worthy. I simply saw them as the drive, motivation and discipline that help me achieve my goals. I could do stuff over and over for hours until I am sure it is perfect. Lol, you need to see me with … Continue reading The Perfectionist In Me

Don’t Jump, Be Sure!

This has been one of my biggest lessons this year and it is one I haven't quite mastered. I have this nasty habit of jumping into conclusions and assuming for people. Each time, I have come to realize that my conclusions end up being far from the truth and then I feel awkward and foolish. … Continue reading Don’t Jump, Be Sure!

Letting Michael Anderson go

Hello lovelies! Lol, you're probably wondering what this title means. It isn't the title of a book or a movie. Lemme introduce you to Michael Anderson, and you'll understand better. Okay, so I have this weird feeling I'm gonna marry a man named Michael. I like to fantasise that he's Australian (don't ask me why). … Continue reading Letting Michael Anderson go

I want a boyfriend

It is one of those nights I wish I had a boyfriend, *sigh*. I can almost imagine us taking a long walk, hand-in-hand with identical lovestruck expressions on our faces as we tell each other how our day went. I can almost see his lips curve up in a smile that makes my knees weak … Continue reading I want a boyfriend