When You Pray…

I once heard someone say that if God chooses to answer all our prayers and we're the only ones that benefit from those answers, then we're being selfish with prayer. That stuck with me. Typically, my prayer time goes like this: Thanksgiving...Talking about what's on my mind and asking God for help in whatever way … Continue reading When You Pray…

When the questions rage

One of my favourite Biblical characters is the beggar that was born blind whom Jesus healed. There are so many things to be learnt from him. So, I invite you to walk me through his story in John 9. It was another sunny afternoon in Jerusalem. Judas and the other beggars were sitting on the … Continue reading When the questions rage

God and the Farmer

Isaiah 28:23-29 I love the analogy Isaiah uses here. I like to think that the farmer is so much like God and we are like the seeds. If you are familiar with agriculture, you'd know that the first stage of growing crops is tilling the land (preparing the soil to receive the seed). The soil … Continue reading God and the Farmer

Can we be thankful people!

Hello everyone, I was reading my Bible yesterday and the passage really struck my heart and I just wanted to share a few thoughts on it. The passage is Psalm 50. I've always been around a Bible all my life. I've always loved Bible stories and all but I recently started reading my Bible as … Continue reading Can we be thankful people!