It’s been ages. It’s not like I forgot to write, nor was I too busy or uninspired. Something has been cooking. I really hoped it would be ready today, sadly, it isn’t.

Instead of leaving y’all hanging indefinitely, I’ve decided to explain “the big surprise”. Recently, I’ve been sensing God laying it on my heart to expand my blog. To invest in it. To treat it more as his work than something I love to do.

Initially, I was scared because I felt inadequate. The ideas he was laying on my heart seemed too much for me to handle. But I know I’m graced for this new phase of blogging. I’ve had to re-strategise, draw up new aims and objectives, study more on blogging, and all those behind the scene work.

Let’s just say this blog is ready to be rebranded. I’m not sure when it will be ready exactly, but I’m sure it will be during the first week of May, at most!

I’m super excited just thinking about all that is ahead! There’s so much God wants to do with this platform and I hope you’ll join me on the adventure!

All my love,


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