A lil Reminder

I must apologise for my silence this past week. I was torn between two topics. Choosing seemed too stressful and I kept pushing it forward…for two weeks. But I’m here now, and if you’re wondering, I didn’t choose either topic eventually. Talk about the height of indecisiveness.

It’s been two months since the year started, and I’m quite sure that the thrill and hype that came with a new year has already faded. I have a feeling that some people are already looking forward to 2020.

However, before we leap that far, I want us to deliberately recall the thoughts and dreams we had for this year. We probably set plans and targets for the year, created book lists, bucket lists, and all that good stuff. We noted areas we wanted to grow in, habits we wanted to give up and those to be adopted. But somehow, life has caught up. The novelty of the New Year is long forgotten. Our plans have taken a backseat where they are simply collecting dust, like the plans of the previous years.

Perhaps, the year hasn’t gone as planned, or it seems like you are not seeing the results for all that you put in, or maybe you’re too tired or busy to care, or you may simply be suffering from a passion gone cold. Whatever it is that’s left your dreams, goals and aspirations in the pages of a journal, it’s time to shake it off and work on your plans, baby.

What brings results are consistency and hard work. You can’t give up now! You can’t be complacent now! You can make your fitness target if you start working out today! You can save up for that thing you’ve always wanted if you start today! You can become a better you if start working on you today! You can stop chewing your nails if you start today! Okay, I admit that last one was for me 😂

The point is don’t neglect your dreams. Two months may have flown by, but there’s still ten more to go. Don’t waste 2019! Make sure you tick everything off your list. Let God breathe life and passion into your heart! Don’t quit on your dreams. It will be totally worth it when you look back in December and see how far you’ve come.

By the way, I haven’t taken soda in nearly two months, so yay!!

I hope you have a wonderful March!

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