I’ve always had a major crush on Archangel Michael. I don’t know what he looks like, but I can bet that he’s tall, strong, handsome and blond. He’s the perfect mixture of tenderness and strength. I can just imagine him in a white and gold tunic, muscles popping, radiating light and perfection as he expertly wields his sword against the devil. In the same breath, I can see him bowing before God in adoration and awe as he worships the only one deserving of all worship. Definitely my dream guy!

Over the years, what my dream guy looks like has changed, and for once I’m at a point where I no longer reduce him to a face. Instead, I’m more focused on qualities. So, in this blog post, I want to share with you four qualities that I consider really important:

The first is LOVE FOR GOD and PASSION FOR HIS CAUSE. This, for me, is really important because we have to be on the same page spiritually. We have to belong to the same kingdom and live by the same principles. In my opinion, anyone that does not love God cannot love me right. And love for God must also result in passion for advancing his Kingdom and serving others.

The second quality is PURPOSE. I expect my dream guy to have an idea (it does not have to be the whole picture) of what God is calling him to. His purpose must align with mine, and he must be committed to fulfilling it all the days of his life. He must have drive and ambition, not being complacent about what God expects of him. I’d also love for him to help me become better and challenge me to do more, rejecting every form of complacency.

The third quality is a GREAT FAMILY. In this part of the world, marrying a single individual is equivalent to marrying the entire family. I would want my dream guy to have a family that I can easily fit into. I don’t want to have to struggle to be a part of his family. I want a place where I am loved and accepted as one of their own. This also extends to his church family, particularly if we do not go to the same church.

The fourth quality is MATURITY. Whenever I hear or read this word, I immediately picture an old, boring and safe person. Yuck! This is so not what I mean. What this means is that he must be in control of his emotions, being capable of expressing his love and feelings to me. I don’t like to be given the silent treatment, lol, I want to know what’s up. So, I want someone who’s willing to talk things out, able to confront me when I’m wrong, and lovingly point out areas I could work on.

Bonus: I’d love for him to be really tall and very attractive with basic gentlemanly manners.

What qualities do you look for in a potential mate?


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