My Top Five Preachers

In this blog post, I want to talk about my favourite preachers, why I like them and how they’ve impacted my life. I hope you’ll be blessed by it.

1. Craig Groeschel – He’s the Senior Pastor of Life Church, Oklahoma. I really like how direct and practical Craig is. He deals with real life issues, what the Scriptures say about them, and how we can apply God’s Word to our everyday life. The series on Habits and “My Big Fat Mouth” have totally rocked my world. Something that has stuck with me from listening to his messages is this quote (paraphrased) :

If you’re dissatisfied with something, instead of complaining, change your circumstances, if you can’t, then change your perspective.

2. John Bevere – This guy is a teacher!I really like how he opens my eyes afresh to God’s Word, and how he takes his time to explain it in a way that changes my entire perspective. His teaching on “Driven by Eternity/Believers’ Judgment” has changed my whole life. I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t listened to it. I find myself going back to it over and over. My perspective on life and purpose has totally been shaped by this message.

3. Levi Lusko – He’s the Senior Pastor of Fresh Life Church, Montana and he’s simply amazing. The fact that he’s tattooed just warms my heart! His messages usually leave me “ooohing and aaahing” at the revelation and insight he presents. My favourite message is a part of a series currently going on in his church, called “Baby Monsters”. The sermon is titled “Corpses, Haircuts and Cabernet”. It examines the story of Samson in the light of how small compromises cause a great downfall. Furthermore, Levi is the author of “Through the Eyes of a Lion”, a bestseller that presents a fresh insight as to how to deal with grief and tragedy.

4. Joyce Meyer – I’ve never encountered a preacher as practical as Joyce! She’s very open and vulnerable, pointing out her ‘flaws’ and how God has helped her through them. Joyce has really influenced my thought-processes, and the kind of thoughts I entertain. She’s also had a huge impact on living my life above my feelings. She’s definitely a teacher and an author I’d recommend to anyone in any season of life!

5. Tolulope Moody – He’s the Lead Pastor of Sycamore Church, Ibadan (that’s my church!). As much as I have been blessed by his sermons, it’s the meetings, discipleship classes, retreats, prayer gatherings and devotionals he sends out that have really changed my life. He’s really influenced my perspective, priorities, ideals and values. I can’t explain any God-thing without borrowing a few words from him, lol. The way he simplifies God and being a Christian has been fundamental to my spiritual growth. It’s like he always has a word in season. Here’s something I like:

I’d love to know your own favourite preachers, so please, do leave a comment. Grace & Peace!

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